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All private gearboxes come with a 12 months 12,000 miles warranty.
Commercial vehicles and taxis carry a 6 months warranty.
The 6 or 12-month warranty is a return to base warranty.
All products are tested and guaranteed to be in full working order.
Our warranty covers gearbox only, we don’t cover any labour costs associated fitments, removal or re-fitments of gearbox or parts. Nor do we cover any costs arising due to fitments of a part or gearbox that we have supplied. No labour charges are covered or the cost of a hire vehicle.

!!!Please note, the price shown is based on an exchange for your old gearbox.  On collection we will need your old gearbox (without any damage or holes) in exchange for our reconditioned product!!!

Warranty will not apply if:
You don’t put the right amount of oil and any of the gears get burnt out
The gearbox has been misused e.g. “using low gear to slow yourself down”
You have used the gearbox with defective vehicle parts or to non-standard engines or management systems.
You open the gearbox yourself or don’t report the problem and wait for it to get worse
We are not responsible for any damage parts of the vehicle by the gearbox fault.
Electronic components do not carry any warranty.

A surcharge will be applied if there is no exchange or the casing of the gearbox is damaged.

For more information about the product and if it is suitable for your vehicle, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Call or Message 07850415346 for info regarding delivery.

Return Policy:
Before dispatch each item is individually is engraved and all serial numbers documented and photographed, to prevent fraudulent returns of faulty items not sent by us. If any of these markings are not visible upon receipt of the returned item, or the serial numbers do not match the original part sent, no refund will be issued. All return postage costs will be the buyer’s responsibility.

Please note: If you feel you need to speak to us regarding an item or any problems, please contact us first.